Tuesday, January 6, 2015

God's Plan: Bob McDonnell gets Two Years in Prison.

Former Gov. Bob McDonnell (former VP wannabe) got a car and a nice watch
a few years ago preventing him from being in the clown car for 2016.

   USA Today - RICHMOND, Va. — Former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell will spend two years in federal prison after asking for mercy Tuesday at his own sentencing hearing on public corruption convictions.
   Judge James R. Spencer revealed McDonnell's punishment after McDonnell was found guilty Sept. 4. on 11 of 13 federal charges filed against him. The former governor, indicted 10 days after leaving office, was convicted of trading access to the power of the governor's office for more than $165,000 in loans and high-end gifts, and prosecutors wanted him to spend more than 10 years in federal prison.
   "I stand before you a heartbroken and humbled man," McDonnell said in court Tuesday before Spencer handed down the sentence. He will have to report to prison by Feb. 9.

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